brother ass brewing – a humble, family run microbrewery celebrating the art of craft beer and the joy of community.

st. francis — a monk who lived 800 years ago — would refer to his body and his own stubborn nature as “brother ass” because change and self-discipline are so difficult to accomplish. we are about dedication and perseverance toward continual improvement in quality craft beer and in life.

like st. francis, we want to be good stewards of creation, employing sustainable practices, gathering our ingredients locally, neutralizing chemicals for safe disposal, minimizing water loss and composting hops. our spent grains are enjoyed as feed for leo, joe and mocha, two horses and a pony and for baking bread, cookies, scones and such for our friends and family.



  1. Wonderful! I love it. Rob (your brother-in-law here in Thailand?) was telling me about it yesterday. If I ever get back to the states, you can be sure I’ll stop in for a Bro Ass!

  2. Worked at your “brew” at the spring Vancouver Brewfest. Enjoyed your brew and it was a hit. Enjoyed talking to you during your trips to check on the sales.

  3. Happenstance led me here. I will have to stop by on a Thursday. I’m right over here on Blueberry Lane. A stones throw. Perhaps a walk through the woods, close 🙂

  4. Congratulations on the Willamette Week article. Looking forward to tasting the IPA.

  5. I enjoyed your farmhouse ale a year ago at Ducktails and was tickled by the name. Then I had your Double Ale (?) a couple months ago at Heavy Metal Brewery and was like, Yeah! (My friend filled up a growler of that one). And to find out today that I already knew the man behind the brew, well that’s just fab!

  6. I tried to find you but was stymied by road construction. Is it posssble to patronize your establishment at this time?

    I prefer a malty full bodied, barrel aged Stout. Have you anything close?

  7. Would love to get my hands on a tasting of chocolate coffee stout…. anywhere local I can grab a pint?

  8. Not currently, but soon. Will brew next week and then available a few weeks after that. We have bottles of whiskey barrel aged Stiff Back Stout Heart at the brewery and several places around town.

  9. Hi! I work at Rally Pizza and chatted with you thurs, about new beer and t-shirts. I love your beer for the unique flavors! I was excited for Apple scrumptious (??) And even helped bloe the Crux keg! Just doing my part! Tried the apple tonight liked it, was more mild than expected, but flavor was great! A sipping beer, goes with holiday food. You don’t disappoint. But do you have any of the “too spicy” left? More my style. You have excellent craft beers and an even better reason for brewing! Just saying was intrigued by the name but more impressed with beer and story! Thanks kathy

  10. Vancouver Brew-Fest, I served your beer at this festival on Saturday 04/13/19 – people just loved it – made sure they took a business card to make further contact with you.

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