We try to be open for growler fills thursdays and fridays 4 pm – 7 pm and throughout the week by appointment. We are a small family run brewery and sometimes take an occasonal weekend off. Feel free to call ahead just to be sure.

11700 ne 54th ct.

vancouver, wa 98686


We would love to hear from you. your feedback is invaluable to us. we promise to listen and contemplate and try to improve based on the feedback we receive.



  1. Good luck Wally! Glad to see you’re living the dream on your 2nd career. I’m a big fan of microbrewing here on the East Coast, looks like you have a great set-up. Hopefully I’ll be able to find some bab beer next time I’m on the left coast.

  2. Thursdays are not do-able for us. Can you list where your beers may be purchased or are on tap or available by growler? Please

  3. I’m sorry Thursdays do not work out for your schedule. Please feel free to call me at 360-607-3275 and I’m happy to schedule a time that works for you. There is a link to where to find our brews that lists establishments we deliver to but it is almost impossible to be current on where our beer is currently on tap. I know when a beer is delivered and an empty keg picked up but when it is tapped and/or replaced by another beer is not always available.

  4. “Hi there,
    My name is Dave Chaffey, I’m Managing Director of Immertia. I’m hoping you can help.
    I’m trying to get in touch to send some information through. Unfortunately, the email sent via <<>> bounced. As did a second attempt.
    I’d be grateful if you could help me reach the right person – most likely, the brand or marketing manager.
    It’s in respect of the new technology – Swigr™ (, to send through the relevant information for your company.
    Thank you. I appreciate your time and effort in facilitating the matter.
    Kind Regards, Dave Chaffey, Managing Director, Immertia”

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