our story


after working more than three decades in the corporate world i was asked if i wanted to move to california to keep my job. it was an easy decision for me and my wife, liz, to not move away from our four kids and the city and friends that we have come to love. we decided i should take early retirement and take some time off to decide what i should do for chapter 2 of our life together.

i’ve been a home brewer for several years and many people have enjoyed my beer. i thought I could get part-time work in a local craft brewery so i contacted every brewery in portland, vancouver, camas and washougal. turns out nobody had room for an old guy with only homebrewing experience. one day a wild thought came into my head, “why can’t we build our own brewery?”

our goal is to brew beers that both we and the community love. we approach small-batch beer as art and craft, constantly learning and experimenting and improving. rather than trying to maintain a work/life dichotomy balance, we prefer to just live, wholly and fully and try to do all things well to the best of our ability, and to enjoy doing it.

we begin with the joy of experiment and one-off batches of recipes we have enjoyed in the past. we then dial-in those recipes for quality and consistency based on community feedback and our own joy and where they align.


  1. I can’t wait to find this and give it a try….particularly excited about the stouts!

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